Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Cup of the Day

You remember those charts of strata from 6th grade geography? I thought of them yesterday when I went to put my coffee cup in the sink....

a. I pour my coffee and get out the cereal I want, but now it's time for second helpings of pancakes for both boys, the dog needs more water, and Bryan forgot how much milk to use in his scrambled eggs. By then the boys are finished eating and need their hands and faces washed. My cereal is mush, and the coffee gets its first reheat in the microwave.

b. World War III breaks out over a toy that no one likes. It's an empty plastic container that blocks go in, only all the blocks have been lost or eaten by the dog. Normally it just wastes space in the over flowing toy box, but today for some reason Lucan has decided it's his new buddy. And because it's suddenly special to Lu, Declan has decided it's going to be a lunch box in his imaginary game, and babies can't touch lunch boxes. I pull them apart, although Lucan's grip on his big brother's hair secretly impresses me. I start singing an improv'd song about sharing. "This is the way we share our toys, share our toys, share toys...So Mommy doesn't makes us stand in the cooooooooooorner." Whether they've learned a lesson, or because they just want me to stop singing, the fight is finished. Second reheat.
c. Bryan is heading out the door for work. He can't find his ID badge and is sure he had more cash in his wallet. Did I happen take some? (What? Never...) The shoes that I (*gasp*) put away have to be located, as well. Declan has to have his handful of farewell Nerd candies, and Lucan needs 14 hugs. Two minutes later the car comes barreling back into the driveway. He forgot that ID badge. Fourteen more hugs and it's time for a reheat.

d. Nap time! Mommy does the happy dance! I put the boys to bed and sit down at the computer for some alone time. I can hear, quite clearly, thumping and singing coming from Declan's room, but we'll both pretend he's actually sleeping. I'm just going to check a couple posts and see if I have messages. Two and a half hours later, I have let the fire in the wood stove burn out and my coffee is frigid. Another trip to the microwave!

e. Cooking, eating, and cleaning up from dinner takes up a big chunk of the evening hours. I make a casserole, but Declan wants a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. If I make him one, I have to make Lucan one, too. He can't be left out of anything. So I make two sandwiches and give them to the boys, then fill my plate with the casserole and veggies. Grumbling in my mind about little boys who can't ever eat what I make, I sit down. Suddenly MY plate is the only one of interest. Lucan starts whining and hanging his mouth wide open like a baby bird. I look up, and Declan is kneeling on the table, bent over, his big begging eyes about two inches from my face. I guess he wants a bite, too. There's a lot of juggling, a lot of arguing, but eventually I get everyone satisfied and warm that coffee up again.

f. The boys are tucked into bed, the laundry is folded, the toys in the center of the living room have been discretely kicked to the edges. I sit back down at the computer and spy my almost-empty mug. The cream and whatever else has congealed and left a film on the surface of the coffee. It's disgusting. But I sure do like the taste of coffee. I use a rolled up envelope from some bill that's undoubtedly late to scrape the skin off. Good as new! That last swallow is cold, but sort of hits the spot anyway.


  1. I love reading your posts. And my coffee cup looks the same way!

  2. Maybe you could write my nursing text books and I'd take more interest! lol Another good one..