Friday, January 23, 2009

Wasting Time 101

Up until last week, I honestly only pretended to be busy. It makes you look mature, and keeps people from asking you to do things for them.

"Chelsey, how have you been?"

"Ugh, great, but so busy! You know how it is with little ones. Never a moment to spare!"

I hope video phones are never invented. Screw Star Trek. I like wearing my bathrobe all day.

Now, you don't have to admit to me if you know exactly what I'm talking about. But I have just the thing if you're looking for a way to fill those mindless, empty hours in your day. I found it about a month ago at I think it goes without saying that this is, indeed, a very addicting game. I've spent hours and hours trying to make it just one more level. I turned Bryan on to it, and now he plays it at work. My top score is like 1100 so far. He came home last night and told me he made it to level 5 with 3351 points. That bastard! I hate him!

Are you ready? Nothing is on the stove? No water running for a bath? You let the dog back in, and the kids are safely contained in a play area or sleeping? Ok! Have Fun!

Oh...If you beat my score, you darn well better keep it to yourself!!

1 comment:

  1. LOL-you suck! How in the WORLD did you get 1100, let alone Bryan getting 3351...I have played a countless number of games and I have only gotten a high of 65! Again, you SUCK!